The home base of Fountaingate Christian Foundation and the Online Bible College

"So powerful is the communication of the internet that 83% of the world's advertising is on it. This is an unprecedented opportunity in our generation to go under the radar, as it were, to reach people in their homes and their personal space with the Gospel. With OBC's 29 courses and over 800 lessons, people are responding and we have students from 160 nations. Every week we have over 10,000 new visitors from well over 1000 cities around the globe. The Bible says that "the word grew and multiplied" (Acts 12:24). We are very privileged from the home base and small office in Newcastle, Australia, to see this all taking place. There is no distance with the internet and we have team members in various parts of the world - in Uruguay, USA, Thailand, UK etc - and we are in regular communication via Skype.

We really appreciate your prayers and partnership with us".

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